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High Tide on Blizzard Day


Swift- 121_0571.JPG

This is a YouTube video of the Blizzard that hit the East Coast on Feb 9, 2013.  The footage is the high tide surf out in front of our home at Cape Newagen, Maine.


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  1. Thought about you, Larry, over the weekend while the storm was raging back there. Hopefully you and your family got through it without too many problems. Best wishes… Billy Ray

    1. Hi Billy Ray – Thanks for your comment. For this storm we didn’t have any power outage or anything the way we usually do when the wind is blowing hard. It takes down the Spruces like crazy.

  2. Amazing footage Larry. It’s so rare to see the sea and trees so close & at the same level. Aside from the ‘drama’ as you said ,I particularly liked the grayscale of the footage. I couldn’t tell if it was deliberate or created by the conditions. Either way I loved it. I know I’ve said it before , but my goodness what an amazing place to live. Thanks so much for the post 🙂

    1. Hi AK – Thanks for commenting. I hadn’t thought about the gray scale. Of course it was overcast with lots of snow coming down. I think with so much white in the frame it washes out color. It’s beautiful here, with a wonderful combination of water, rock and evergreen trees. We fell in love with it. We’re isolated, but we manage to get around. Just have to be willing to drive a lot to where you’re going.

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