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“That Part Where…” An Exciting Excerpt From “A Bridge to Treachery”




Ben Wallace in his blog ” That Part Where” is offering a chance to publicize my thriller novel by highlighting an unforgettable scene from the work. The idea is that readers often take away a single scene from books they read. The scene I’ve chosen is when Lou Christopher and his beautiful accomplice are maneuvering to avoid capture deep in the woods near Bear Mountain. The promo is a compelling way to give potential readers a good idea of my writing style and voice before they commit to making a purchase.  My Website. I’d appreciate feedback from readers on their assessment of the effectiveness of the promo. Thanks for stopping by. Please comment below or post this entry on your favorite social media website. Sign-up via the email or RSS option in the sidebar to receive MaineLarryCrane’s latest posts. You can also follow MaineLarryCrane via the various social media platforms listed on this website. 

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