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Sheepdog Mentality and The Unimportance of Inspiration

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 From my daily copy of Paper.li , I choose four articles from diverse content sources the most important of which is my Twitter List of over 1000 Writer Friend followers. These followers have either created the articles or they have shared them from their perusal of the internet. In any case, what results is a short list of articles that I consider compelling.  Here is another four:
Is Your Hero a Sheepdog? Character Development for Writers      Based on The Sheepdog Mentality
The Unimportance Of Inspiration       Beyond the Pantser Theory
Why Walk Away From Your Writing?      Getting to Writing Again
Write and publish with pizzazz and panche   A Short Podcast
 I’d love to hear whatever you may have to say about this way of sharing interesting content.
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