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Find Article Ideas in Pinterest; and DIY Trailers


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Compelling articles from diverse content sources the most important of which is my Twitter List of over 1000 Writer Friend followers who  have either created the articles or shared them from their perusal of the internet.  This week’s top four:

Using Pinterest to Find Article Topics            Fresh ideas
4 Benefits of NOT Writing Alone             Is Three a Crowd?
How to Schedule a Google Plus Hangout On Air Event     More Pluses For Google
D is for DIY Trailers That Will Rock Your Book (make one this weekend)        Be Creative

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  1. This is really good Idea to use Pinterest not only for pinny but for some ideas and thoughts too. It is a great problem for me that sometimes so many ideas are coming and sometimes I do not have anything in my minds for days.
    I call my friends and ask about few Ideas.
    I will not bother my friends any more and try to make use of pinterest.
    It is nice idea.
    After reading post I am also thinking about stumbleupon. I think we can also have some Ideas from there.

    1. Hi andleeb – Thanks for your comment. I especially like to link a photo to a post in Pinterest. I haven’t gotten involved in Stumbleupon.

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