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The Geography of a Novel

Tweet THE GEOGRAPHY OF A NOVEL   The setting of my thriller A Bridge to Treachery is deeply rooted in the geography of the Hudson River Valley stretching from Newburg, New York, a town on the Hudson River north of West Point all the way south to Manhattan. I used actual locations because this fuels […]

Memoir Shorts – Butterfield

Tweet “C’mon out to Butterfield with me. You’ll like it,” Johnny says. After school, we amble down to 47th Street at the north end of town and stand on the corner with our thumbs out. Can’t predict who’ll stop for us, so we thumb everyone.   Butterfield is four miles out of Westmont–a big green […]

The Stranger in the Woods: The Last True Hermit

Tweet In The Stranger in the Woods, Michael Finkel has written an endlessly interesting book about hermit Christopher Knight who lived alone in the woods west of Waterville, Maine for twenty-seven years. It would be extraordinary for anyone to live alone anywhere for that long, but Christopher lived his self imposed solitary confinement outdoors. He […]

What’s Behind a Surge in WordPress Subscribers?

Tweet Over the last month or so I have had a surge in new users on my WordPress web page. How Come? http://www.mainelarrycrane.com/?p=7163&preview=true

The Descendants – A Review

Tweet First I saw the movie, the gist of which I thought at the time to be the touching transformation of the rebellious and sullen 17 year old Alex into a surrogate mother to her blossoming 10 year old sister Scottie. George Clooney was just the right choice to portray Matt, father to the two […]

Art Genome, Is There Such a Thing? Art.sy

Tweet AO Scott is away sailing somewhere or something, so David Carr asked Melena Ryzik to join him on this video. It’s all about art.sy, a web site that brings to the world of art what Pandora brought to the world of music—an algorithm built by art historians who are indexing and categorizing art for […]

Fans of Game of Thrones – Where Do They Shoot?

Tweet A NY Times Video takes you to some of the locations that show up in the Game of Thrones  series. Go here. Or check out the related  content below. Thanks for stopping by. Please comment below or post this entry on your favorite social media website. Sign-up via the email or RSS option in the sidebar to […]

The Winter Solstice at Cape Newagen

Tweet The Winter Solstice officially arrived a little after six this morning.  I was awake but I didn’t see the sunrise. Our house is positioned so that as you look out the windows towards the ocean, you are looking generally southwest. This evening, I’ll be able to view the sunset if there is no fog. […]

Ten Novels Right for Me at the Time

Tweet Novels That Were Right for Me at the Time This post originated as a guest post during my November Book Tour  with Innovative Online Book Tours.  The stop was at Hooks and Book, a blog run by Erin Maurer.  Rather than posting about my favorite books, I thought it might be more interesting to […]

The Rescue of Roger Locher

Tweet This is a video of Air Force General Steve Ritchie telling of the incredible rescue of one of our pilots during the Vietnam War.  It’s also a story about the teamwork necessary to bring this off, and the loyalty and affection that men in the service of their country have for one another. Thanks […]

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