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Sydney Interview

Tweet Character Questionnaire Sidney Winkler  Ingenue in Thriller A Bridge to Treachery     • What do you consider your greatest achievement? Easy. The Nobel Peace Prize. Get serious. I’m a semi-successful habit kicking college dropout. I need to get a job in the worst way. Any ideas for me? My greatest achievement: rolling out […]

Q&A Maggie Christopher

Tweet                                Q&A Maggie Christopher Maggie Christopher is the wife of Lou Christopher the lead character in A Bridge to Treachery. 1. What treasure would you most like to find at the auctions you go to? For me, auctions are endlessly interesting because there’s always the chance that you’ll find something there that you just […]

The Girl On The Train – A Review

Tweet The reader needs to be patient and persevering, not a deal breaker for literary fiction devotees, but trying for many others. The story unfolds in relatively short chapters rendered in first person narratives from three women that do not necessarily proceed chronologically. Rachel is the girl on the train. She’s got a serious drinking […]

The Sun Also Rises – A Review

Tweet The Sun Also Rises. It’s very good, of course. Superficially something like The Great Gatsby in that the first person narrator Jake Barnes is not the protagonist. Brett the fabulous woman who everyone falls in love with is probably that, but it’s the time and the place that stars, Paris, Spain, trout fishing, running […]

Amazon Free Book Promotion- A Report

Tweet What is it? Many indie authors enter unchartered waters when they do a Free Book Promotion on Amazon. I did. Perhaps my experience will shed some light on what happens when you embark on this journey. KDP Select participation offers two, short duration, price based strategies. A KDP Countdown Deal and a Free Book […]

Interview of a Character – Maggie Christopher

Tweet Lou Christopher’s wife Maggie plays a big role in my novel A Bridge to Treachery. It’s a role that grew exponentially from the moment she was given her own POV, because she provides a relentlessly practical approach to solving dilemmas at the same time that she  holds on to her love for Lou.  Maggie […]

Character From the Novel Interview – Sidney

Tweet Character Questionnaire Sidney Winkler – A Bridge to Treachery This interview with Sidney Winkler, the ingenue and resident flake of a Bridge to Treachery was conducted by Brittany Carrigan on her blog The Cover (and Everything in Between), one of the stops on my book tour by Innovative Online Book Tours.  Sidney found Brittany’s […]

Author Interview – Billy Ray Chitwood

Tweet In an earlier post, I reviewed Mama’s Madness by Billy Ray Chitwood.  The following interview hopes to get more acquainted. Blurb A story inspired by a northern California news account a few years ago … Some of the details in this fictional penning are true. Some of the details are exaggerated and are simply […]

Review of “Southeast to Panama” – Robert C. Devine

Tweet Devine’s lifelong passion for sailing serves him well as a crewman aboard a catamaran sailboat bound from Puerto Vallarta to Fort Lauderdale via the Panama Canal.  Indeed, he casts himself as the narrator and protagonist in this tale of adventure, intrigue and romance. The plot revolves around a disparate hired crew of four men […]

Review of Such is Life – Jeri Walker-Bickett

Tweet Jeri Walker-Bickett says in her introduction to her collection of short stories Such is Life that the stories “reflect the attitude that sometimes stuff simply happens, and rather than reflect on it endlessly, there are times a person needs to accept things and move on. I’m drawn to characters who are a little down […]

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