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The Mysterious Case of the Semi-Viral Tweet

Tweet The Mystery Before a day or two ago, I had never gotten more than about 10 Re-tweets on any of the over 6000 tweets I have generated since I got started on this mysterious thing called Twitter.  Then, a couple of days ago, I opened my email and found a deluge of Re-tweets of […]

David Gordon’s Excellent Japanese Adventure

Tweet David Gordon is the author of  two novels and a collection of short stories, “White Tiger on Snow Mountain” coming out this fall.  His writing career is off the ground but  until a little while ago not exactly soaring.  Suddenly all kinds of good once in a lifetime things began to happen to David. […]

Books You Wear and The Mysterious Semi-Viral Tweet

Tweet ‘Wearable Book’ Lets You Experience Your Favorite Book Character’s Emotions      Far Out English Historical Fiction Authors: Castles 101     All About Castles Why You Should Use Images on Twitter and 3 Tips to Doing it Right    Comprehensive Treatment of the Subject The Mysterious Case of the Semi-Viral Tweet     How did […]

Build Blog Traffic/Curate Valuable Content

Tweet My aim in blogging… … is to provide interesting content to my readers.  I can try to do this by writing interesting blog posts, by having guest writers who do so, or by finding interesting content on the web, among other possibilities. To the extent that I’m successful in the doing this, I can […]

Blogging With Video, Hoping to Go Viral

Tweet This is an article from the NY Times Personal Tech Section by Kate Murphy on the subject of using video in your blog.  Right off the bat Kate reveals what you may already know: 90% of YouTube videos are painful to watch.  So, I immediately began to revisit my cringes at watching my own […]

Twitter: Primo Source of Minimally Filtered News For The Informed Electorate? Or…

Tweet To hear the reporters who have just about flamed out on the minutia of the election campaign, you might start thinking this sounds a whole lot like indie writers trying to work the social media game.  Working with Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. can be addictive.  And indie writers striving to develop their platforms are […]

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