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Can Novel Newbies Learn Anything From Elite Athletes?

Tweet This post starts out at the NY Times article by Gina Kolata entitled “Training Insights From Star Athletes” of January 14, 2013.  http://nyti.ms/UNpDPE  Here’s how Gina begins: Of course elite athletes are natually gifted .  And of course they train hard and may have a phalanx of support staff – coaches, nutritionists, psychologists. But they often have something else that […]

The Ghosts of October – Doug Glanville’s Baseball

Tweet Doug Glanville who first played for the Phillies as a fleet footed center fielder now pens periodic thoughtful and brilliant articles in the NY Times.  I find all of them connecting  with my thoughts and memories of baseball. Here is another. The Ghosts of October http://nyti.ms/1heqiHh  Another Doug Glanville masterpiece. Baseball, I love it. Thanks […]

In coaching, we’re all interim

Tweet This is an article in the Washington Post by John Feinstein, a great friend of West Point athletics. The subject is basketball, a sport near to my heart. It’s about the season that has unfolded for the St Louis Billikens this year after they lost their head coach, Rick Majerus, to heart disease.  It […]

Baseball- Faith and Doubt

Tweet This is an article by Doug Glanville that gets right to the heart of cheating in the game of baseball (or in any game, really). You need to read all the comments to the original post.  This is right at the heart of our country, even if you never swung a bat.  Incidently, the […]

Is playing soccer like falling in love?

Tweet   Possibly.  Gretchen Reynolds writing in the NY Times notes that “this question is the focus of a provocative and growing body of new science examining the role of oxytocin (‘the love hormone’) in competitive sports.”   Reynolds explains that “oxytocin is a brain peptide that is known to promote positive inter-social relations.” New mothers […]

A Father to Baseball – By Doug Glanville

Tweet Doug Glanville, ex-major leaguer who played for the Phillies among other teams writes beautifully about the game of professional baseball.  NY Times Article

The Long Walk Home – The Big Leagues – Baseball

Tweet   The Long Walk Home – This is a piece written by ex-big leaguer Doug Glanville  who writes with insight and wisdom about the game of baseball, and about the game as a metaphor for life and other things. nyti.ms/SK2LQy Related articles A poignant essay on going home

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