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Amazon Free Book Promotion- A Report

Tweet What is it? Many indie authors enter unchartered waters when they do a Free Book Promotion on Amazon. I did. Perhaps my experience will shed some light on what happens when you embark on this journey. KDP Select participation offers two, short duration, price based strategies. A KDP Countdown Deal and a Free Book […]

Why Not Think of Book Reviewers as Beta Readers?

Tweet   Who are Beta Readers? At some point in the development of your novel in progress you will benefit from the observations and opinions of writers like you who are willing to read with a critical eye. They are called Beta readers. Perhaps they form a group that is interested in the craft of […]

The Writing Process Blog Hop

Tweet It’s My Turn I looked all over for a picture that would capture the essence of this post and settled on this one of Stephen King “at work” rapping out another novel.  Stephen has sold over 350 million copies of his works. I have a way to go catch up with him, but this […]

Effective Blogs & Amazon Author Central-Best of Dec 26, 2013

Tweet Compelling articles from diverse content sources the most important of which is my Twitter List of over 1000 Writer Friend followers who  have either created the articles or shared them from their perusal of the internet.  This week’s top four: How to become a highly effective blogger using WordPress        Wordpress Excels Three […]

Author’s Media Kit – An Indispensable Component – Reviews, Interviews, and Ratings List

Tweet The Whole Megillah in One Place Everyone knows you can go to Amazon and Goodreads to see the reviews and ratings that readers  have given your book. What about the reviews that are written on blogs that don’t get moved over to Amazon or Goodreads? Isn’t a rating on Goodreads or on a blog […]

Random Effects of Ratings on eBook Sales. What’s luck got to do with it?

Tweet Well… the answer may well be: a lot! This fact emerged from experiments carried out by sociologists Duncan J. Watts, Mathew Sagalnik and Peter Dodds which Watts described in his 2011 book, “Everything is Obvious* (*Once You Know the Answer)”. Their work focuses on online markets. This post of mine is based on Robert […]

Anatomy of a GR Book Giveaway

Tweet   On May 3, on Goodreads, I offered nine free signed paperback copies of my novel A Bridge to Treachery to anyone who wanted to read it. My motivation was to increase reader exposure to the book in hopes that this would result in increased sales and reviews. The offer was good until June […]

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