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Rejection Letter: “It’s a good play. I just don’t like it.”

Tweet Maine Playwrights Festival – And the winner is… One of the truly good aspects of the judging process for the 2014  Maine Playwrights Festival is the inclusion of comments from the readers of the play. This is the first time it has happened, and it is most welcome. Acorn Productions, the sponsor of the […]

Art Genome, Is There Such a Thing? Art.sy

Tweet AO Scott is away sailing somewhere or something, so David Carr asked Melena Ryzik to join him on this video. It’s all about art.sy, a web site that brings to the world of art what Pandora brought to the world of music—an algorithm built by art historians who are indexing and categorizing art for […]

Helping Elephants and Crowdspeak Fr Blogger’s Twitter Pal Daily Jan 4

Tweet From my daily copy of Paper.li , I choose four articles from diverse content sources the most important of which is my Twitter List of over 1000 Writer Friend followers. These followers have either created the articles or they have chosen them from their perusal of the internet. In any case, what results is […]

Five Reasons to Find the Novel in Your Full Length Play

Tweet In the first post I declared that there certainly is a novel to be found within your full length play.  But it won’t be an easy job pulling it out. The effectiveness of the story told in a play depends so much on the director, the cast, the set, lighting, and sound — all […]

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