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Interview of a Character – Maggie Christopher

Tweet Lou Christopher’s wife Maggie plays a big role in my novel A Bridge to Treachery. It’s a role that grew exponentially from the moment she was given her own POV, because she provides a relentlessly practical approach to solving dilemmas at the same time that she  holds on to her love for Lou.  Maggie […]

Character From the Novel Interview – Sidney

Tweet Character Questionnaire Sidney Winkler – A Bridge to Treachery This interview with Sidney Winkler, the ingenue and resident flake of a Bridge to Treachery was conducted by Brittany Carrigan on her blog The Cover (and Everything in Between), one of the stops on my book tour by Innovative Online Book Tours.  Sidney found Brittany’s […]

Harlie’s Book Blog – Review of A Bridge to Treachery

Tweet This is a review of  A Bridge to Treachery that appeared in Harlie’s Book Blog in December 2012. Review: OH. MY. WORD.  I’m in love.  Lou Christopher is one of the most intriguing, intense and focused men that I have read this year.  *sigh*  After years in the military he starts working as an […]

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