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Interview of a Character – Maggie Christopher

Tweet Lou Christopher’s wife Maggie plays a big role in my novel A Bridge to Treachery. It’s a role that grew exponentially from the moment she was given her own POV, because she provides a relentlessly practical approach to solving dilemmas at the same time that she  holds on to her love for Lou.  Maggie […]

Amazon Gift Book Giveaway – Baghdad on the Wabash and Other Plays and Stories

Tweet The  giveaway is completed, but sometimes it’s useful to have a look at past posts. Here it is: “Follow the link to Library Thing Giveaways, and enter for a chance to receive a free copy.  One week only starting August 20.  A collection of Short Fiction.  Told as short stories and plays. “   […]

When is a story not really a story, and who cares anyway?

Tweet   Story Writing – the Open Door A novel is definitely a story, even if you don’t like it. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea genre-wise.  Maybe it doesn’t rise to your estimation of what makes a good thriller. Maybe you just can’t keep reading it.  Whatever. The same thing holds for a […]

Anatomy of a Self Publishing Experiment

Tweet Last night I submitted my first truly self published book to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program. This morning, there it was! Miraculous.  It’s self published in the sense that I either took each step along the way personally, or I engineered the step by hiring someone to do what I thought I couldn’t […]

Are Readers of Fiction Like Actors in a Movie?

Tweet According to actor/novelist Molly Ringwald, they are.  In an article in the Sunday New York Times of August 19,  Molly lays out a scenario in which all the collaborators in the making of a movie – director, camera man, sound designer, lighting technician, actor, etc – all maneuver to influence the version of the […]

Can a novel be hiding out in your full length play?

Tweet The answer is yes, of course. But do you really want to go there? The proposition raises issues all over the place.  What issues?  A story is a story, play shmay, right?  Well, if you’ve written a full length play, you’ve spilled your blood all over the pages. You’ve chosen the stage as the place where […]

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