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Why Not Think of Book Reviewers as Beta Readers?

Tweet   Who are Beta Readers? At some point in the development of your novel in progress you will benefit from the observations and opinions of writers like you who are willing to read with a critical eye. They are called Beta readers. Perhaps they form a group that is interested in the craft of […]

Author Interview – Billy Ray Chitwood

Tweet In an earlier post, I reviewed Mama’s Madness by Billy Ray Chitwood.  The following interview hopes to get more acquainted. Blurb A story inspired by a northern California news account a few years ago … Some of the details in this fictional penning are true. Some of the details are exaggerated and are simply […]

Art Genome, Is There Such a Thing? Art.sy

Tweet AO Scott is away sailing somewhere or something, so David Carr asked Melena Ryzik to join him on this video. It’s all about art.sy, a web site that brings to the world of art what Pandora brought to the world of music—an algorithm built by art historians who are indexing and categorizing art for […]

Effective Blogs & Amazon Author Central-Best of Dec 26, 2013

Tweet Compelling articles from diverse content sources the most important of which is my Twitter List of over 1000 Writer Friend followers who  have either created the articles or shared them from their perusal of the internet.  This week’s top four: How to become a highly effective blogger using WordPress        Wordpress Excels Three […]

Submitting Work to the National Playwrights Conference – A Diary

Tweet The National Playwrights Conference is the preeminent laboratory for development of new plays.  It is daunting to even think about the prospect of being one of 7 or so playwrights who will stay at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT for a month in the summer working on their baby, their play. […]

Trauma Sets Female Veterans Adrift Back Home

Tweet     This is a New York Times article about PTSD and homelessness among female military veterans, a serious problem for our time that demands our attention. Sexual trauma in the military. http://nyti.ms/XHRUIw  Related articles Homeless Female Veterans: All Too Often, a ‘Double Betrayal of Trust’ Female Veterans Are Fastest Growing Segment of Homeless […]

In coaching, we’re all interim

Tweet This is an article in the Washington Post by John Feinstein, a great friend of West Point athletics. The subject is basketball, a sport near to my heart. It’s about the season that has unfolded for the St Louis Billikens this year after they lost their head coach, Rick Majerus, to heart disease.  It […]

Blogging With Video, Hoping to Go Viral

Tweet This is an article from the NY Times Personal Tech Section by Kate Murphy on the subject of using video in your blog.  Right off the bat Kate reveals what you may already know: 90% of YouTube videos are painful to watch.  So, I immediately began to revisit my cringes at watching my own […]

High Tide on Blizzard Day

Tweet   This is a YouTube video of the Blizzard that hit the East Coast on Feb 9, 2013.  The footage is the high tide surf out in front of our home at Cape Newagen, Maine. http://youtu.be/7Fw7ITC1jd0 Did you enjoy this article? Subscribe to my blog and you’ll never miss my periodic posts! Just enter your […]

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