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Interview of a Character – Maggie Christopher

Tweet Lou Christopher’s wife Maggie plays a big role in my novel A Bridge to Treachery. It’s a role that grew exponentially from the moment she was given her own POV, because she provides a relentlessly practical approach to solving dilemmas at the same time that she  holds on to her love for Lou.  Maggie […]

About An Artist and Activist Named Swoon

Tweet Sherm Sharma and Melena Ryzick of the NY Times put together a captivating video about Caledonia Curry, an artist who also goes by the name of Swoon. She started her art career as a street artist who would do things like use bolt cutters to get into a fenced-in condemned building in order to […]

When Weak Old Work Becomes Vibrant New Work

Tweet   A good idea is a good idea, period.  Right? Yes! When I first wrote a number of short stories and plays, the impetus for writing them was that they represented truth as I knew it.  Now, I reread them and find that the development of the idea seems weak.  I did a fairly […]

Can a novel be hiding out in your full length play?

Tweet The answer is yes, of course. But do you really want to go there? The proposition raises issues all over the place.  What issues?  A story is a story, play shmay, right?  Well, if you’ve written a full length play, you’ve spilled your blood all over the pages. You’ve chosen the stage as the place where […]

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