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David Gordon’s Excellent Japanese Adventure

Tweet David Gordon is the author of  two novels and a collection of short stories, “White Tiger on Snow Mountain” coming out this fall.  His writing career is off the ground but  until a little while ago not exactly soaring.  Suddenly all kinds of good once in a lifetime things began to happen to David. […]

Can Novel Newbies Learn Anything From Elite Athletes?

Tweet This post starts out at the NY Times article by Gina Kolata entitled “Training Insights From Star Athletes” of January 14, 2013.  http://nyti.ms/UNpDPE  Here’s how Gina begins: Of course elite athletes are natually gifted .  And of course they train hard and may have a phalanx of support staff – coaches, nutritionists, psychologists. But they often have something else that […]

The Ghosts of October – Doug Glanville’s Baseball

Tweet Doug Glanville who first played for the Phillies as a fleet footed center fielder now pens periodic thoughtful and brilliant articles in the NY Times.  I find all of them connecting  with my thoughts and memories of baseball. Here is another. The Ghosts of October http://nyti.ms/1heqiHh  Another Doug Glanville masterpiece. Baseball, I love it. Thanks […]

Apocalypse Now, The Great Gatsby, and the House of the Dead

Tweet   House of the Dead In an article in the NY Times entitled My Home, the House of the Dead, by William G. Thomas III, a professor of history at the University of Nebraska, he tells of his family lore making their homestead in Virginia a hospital during the Civil War.  Even more important to […]

Trauma Sets Female Veterans Adrift Back Home

Tweet     This is a New York Times article about PTSD and homelessness among female military veterans, a serious problem for our time that demands our attention. Sexual trauma in the military. http://nyti.ms/XHRUIw  Related articles Homeless Female Veterans: All Too Often, a ‘Double Betrayal of Trust’ Female Veterans Are Fastest Growing Segment of Homeless […]

Blogging With Video, Hoping to Go Viral

Tweet This is an article from the NY Times Personal Tech Section by Kate Murphy on the subject of using video in your blog.  Right off the bat Kate reveals what you may already know: 90% of YouTube videos are painful to watch.  So, I immediately began to revisit my cringes at watching my own […]

A Future Reset – Corporal Sebastian Gallegos Adjusts to Prosthetic Arm

Tweet After losing his arm in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, Cpl. Sebastian Gallegos has adjusted to his prosthetic Limb.  This is a NY Times Slide Show and the wording here is from this source. http://nyti.ms/QPhcah  Related articles A $110K State-Of-The-Art Bionic Arm Goes A Long Way To Building A New Life

Good Night, Ryan – Veterans

Tweet US Military Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a NY Times Video on the subject of our Veterans returning home from war zones with scars, and the inadequate medical support that many of them receive when their tour of duty is  completed. http://nyti.ms/QTyK4L 

Random Effects of Ratings on eBook Sales. What’s luck got to do with it?

Tweet Well… the answer may well be: a lot! This fact emerged from experiments carried out by sociologists Duncan J. Watts, Mathew Sagalnik and Peter Dodds which Watts described in his 2011 book, “Everything is Obvious* (*Once You Know the Answer)”. Their work focuses on online markets. This post of mine is based on Robert […]

Are Readers of Fiction Like Actors in a Movie?

Tweet According to actor/novelist Molly Ringwald, they are.  In an article in the Sunday New York Times of August 19,  Molly lays out a scenario in which all the collaborators in the making of a movie – director, camera man, sound designer, lighting technician, actor, etc – all maneuver to influence the version of the […]

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