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Can Novel Newbies Learn Anything From Elite Athletes?

Tweet This post starts out at the NY Times article by Gina Kolata entitled “Training Insights From Star Athletes” of January 14, 2013.  http://nyti.ms/UNpDPE  Here’s how Gina begins: Of course elite athletes are natually gifted .  And of course they train hard and may have a phalanx of support staff – coaches, nutritionists, psychologists. But they often have something else that […]

Interview of Harlan Baker, Actor, Director and Playwright

Tweet I’m pleased to have Harlan Baker as the subject for this interview.  Harlan is an adjunct professor in the Theatre department at the University of Southern Maine, an actor, a former member of the Maine legislature, a union activist, and democratic socialist. He  studied theater at Emerson College and graduated in 1969, and has […]

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