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Why Not Think of Book Reviewers as Beta Readers?

Tweet   Who are Beta Readers? At some point in the development of your novel in progress you will benefit from the observations and opinions of writers like you who are willing to read with a critical eye. They are called Beta readers. Perhaps they form a group that is interested in the craft of […]

New Calibre Features and A Scary Spacewalk

Tweet Against Sending Your Blog Readers on a Space Walk w/o a Tether    Watch those links Calibre 1.27 eBook Reader, Editor, and Library Manager Gets Major Improvements      Helpful Over 75% Of Your Blogs Visitors Will Never Return: Here’s What To Do About It     Good Advice How to Be Creative in 5 […]

2013 Most Popular Content and 99 Cent Books Fr Blogger’s Twitter Pal Daily

Tweet Behind the dialect map interactive: How an intern created The New York Times’ most popular piece of content in 2013  Reveal Yourself by How You Express Yourself 5500 YEAR OLD TREFAEL STONE REVEALS  SECRETS    Archaeology Project Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price   Comprehensive Analysis WW2 – The London Cage  […]

Creativity and Leadership Fr Blogger’s Twitter Pal Daily Dec 9

Tweet Why creativity gets squashed like a bug   What makes a successful creative type? Act Like a Leader Before You Are One    How to Demonstrate Potential. How to Publish on Kindle: Revising an eBook   Revisions on Already Published Amazon Ebooks. YOU SHOW ME YOURS AND I’LL TELL YOU MINE!  Writing Matters If you like this […]

In Writing Your Story, “feel lucky rather than clever” – Tom Stoppard

Tweet   I’m studying a book called “The Weekend Novelist” by Robert J. Ray. I find it engrossing, informative, enlightening. Books like this talk authoritatively about all things having to do with writing, so it seems a good place to look for some answers. I believe stories are stories regardless of the form they take. […]

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