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Free Book Trailer & Evolution of Author’s Voice

Tweet Compelling articles from diverse content sources the most important of which is my Twitter List of over 1000 Writer Friend followers who  have either created the articles or shared them from their perusal of the internet.  This week’s top four: How I Made My Book Trailer in One Hour, for Free   By Ellis Shuman How […]

New Calibre Features and A Scary Spacewalk

Tweet Against Sending Your Blog Readers on a Space Walk w/o a Tether    Watch those links Calibre 1.27 eBook Reader, Editor, and Library Manager Gets Major Improvements      Helpful Over 75% Of Your Blogs Visitors Will Never Return: Here’s What To Do About It     Good Advice How to Be Creative in 5 […]

Slangy Characters and Tweeting Like a Boss

Tweet Do You Know the Real Problem With Slangy Characters?    Sage advice 10 Benefits Of Rejection     Buck up Teens Taught Me These 4 Critical Social Media Lessons       Out of the Mouths of Teens How to Tweet Like a Boss: Twitter Persona Worksheet     Twitter Tips If you like this […]

Knotty Heroines and Bending Vincent’s Ear

Tweet I Hate Your Book Blurb     Constructive Criticism What Vincent van Gogh Taught Me About Plagiarism     Van Gogh the Copyist? First Meeting Between Adult Daughter and her Birth Father    Split at the Root Want to Try Something Knotty? Five Helpful Knots to Save Your Heroine’s Life      Learning the […]

Books You Wear and The Mysterious Semi-Viral Tweet

Tweet ‘Wearable Book’ Lets You Experience Your Favorite Book Character’s Emotions      Far Out English Historical Fiction Authors: Castles 101     All About Castles Why You Should Use Images on Twitter and 3 Tips to Doing it Right    Comprehensive Treatment of the Subject The Mysterious Case of the Semi-Viral Tweet     How did […]

Waltzing Gaily and The Classic Jaguar Grill

Tweet   WALTZING GAILY OUT OF THE HOUSE IN YOUR UNDERWEAR…     Editing Your Novel Top Ten Michael Caine Films    And the Winner is… Balboa Park Botanical Garden   Collection of Amazing Photographs  (Check Out #186 The Grill) Top 10 inspirational sports films    The Truth of Sport If you like this post please consider […]

The V Formation and The Piano Factory Fr Blogger’s Twitter Pal Daily

Tweet We fly in a ‘V’ because it looks brilliant, say birds     Poke Around the Daily Mash To the Disconsolate Writer Who Hates Her Pace     Do You Write Slowly? How Long Should My Novel Be?  It Depends… The Sound of History: State Seeks Federal Historic Status for Queens Piano Factory    From my […]

2013 Most Popular Content and 99 Cent Books Fr Blogger’s Twitter Pal Daily

Tweet Behind the dialect map interactive: How an intern created The New York Times’ most popular piece of content in 2013  Reveal Yourself by How You Express Yourself 5500 YEAR OLD TREFAEL STONE REVEALS  SECRETS    Archaeology Project Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price   Comprehensive Analysis WW2 – The London Cage  […]

Naked Niagara and Fact into Fiction

Tweet What Niagara Falls Looks Like Without Water         How and Why It Got That Way Fact versus Fiction        Lure of Historical Fiction Technology Is Not Driving Us Apart After All     Research Underlying Urban Planning How To Find Readers For Your Blog         Building Traffic From my daily […]

Sick of Words and Amazing Dogs

Tweet Words! Words! Words! I’m So Sick of Words!*   Writing Matters 5 tales of amazing dog heroics – CNN.com     Dog Stories Advice I Wish I’d Been Given When I Started My Novel-Writing Journey  Writing Matters WordPress Frameworks: Which one do I need?      10 of the Best WordPress Frameworks If you like this post please […]

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