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The Geography of a Novel

Tweet   Sunday’s issue of the NY Times includes an article by Nicholas Noyes which visits (in a sense) the subject of this post. It’s named How to use a Novel as a Guidepost (1/15/17). He begins by quoting from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist:  “It was nearly eleven o’clock when they reached  the turnpike at […]

Welcome the Deadline!

Tweet One great incentive to get going with your writing again after a layoff is a deadline. Every year about this time I use the deadline for submissions of short plays to the Maine Playwrights Festival to motivate me to pick up the metaphorical pen. Submissions to MPF 2017 were due on December 2nd. As […]

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft – A Review

Tweet Steven King writes in a smooth, easy to read, casual style that millions of readers love. Of course. The first section is truly a memoir of his early attempts to get published. A thousand rejections. So, even the masters don’t come out of the box perfect. It’s a familiar story, but still absorbing. Then, […]

The Girl On The Train – A Review

Tweet The reader needs to be patient and persevering, not a deal breaker for literary fiction devotees, but trying for many others. The story unfolds in relatively short chapters rendered in first person narratives from three women that do not necessarily proceed chronologically. Rachel is the girl on the train. She’s got a serious drinking […]

The Sun Also Rises – A Review

Tweet The Sun Also Rises. It’s very good, of course. Superficially something like The Great Gatsby in that the first person narrator Jake Barnes is not the protagonist. Brett the fabulous woman who everyone falls in love with is probably that, but it’s the time and the place that stars, Paris, Spain, trout fishing, running […]

Amazon Free Book Promotion- A Report

Tweet What is it? Many indie authors enter unchartered waters when they do a Free Book Promotion on Amazon. I did. Perhaps my experience will shed some light on what happens when you embark on this journey. KDP Select participation offers two, short duration, price based strategies. A KDP Countdown Deal and a Free Book […]

Turning Play Into Novel

Tweet Authors are often asked where the story they’ve written came from. It’s a good question, and the answer can provide interesting insights into the way the story unfolds, and the form that the story takes. In the case of my new novel Missing Girls, the story rises out of a play I wrote that […]

New Edition of A Bridge to Treachery

Tweet A New Edition (Second) of A Bridge to Treachery is coming out soon on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. My debut novel of the same name was originally published about five years ago. I’ve made some revisions to the structure of the book by shortening the chapters (there are now more of them), quickening the […]

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