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Where Have All the Monarch Butterflies Gone To?


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Our fields here on the coast of Maine were alive with Monarch Butterflies at this time of the year as recently as  2011 as they migrated down to Central America.  But suddenly, they’re few and far between.  Here’s an article in the Boothbay Register on the subject:

Where are all the monarchs? – Boothbay Register http://t.co/wTFVuluHn8

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Updated: April 5, 2014 — 3:17 pm


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  1. There are some creatures that fill us with awe because they are so amazing with their beauty and their unimaginable journey each year. I know species come and go, but I’m not ready to see these lovely creatures part of our past yet. Thank goodness for the milkweed planters.

    1. Hi Christina – Monarchs are very special. They’re very scarce in the north, but I’m told they’re gathering down in Texas with winter coming on. I hope this is just a temporary trend of some kind.

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