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Treachery Character Interview – Maggie Christopher

The Buzz on Maggie

The Buzz on Maggie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lou Christopher’s wife Maggie plays a big role in my novel A Bridge to Treachery. It’s a role that grew exponentially from the moment she was given her own POV, because she provides a relentlessly practical approach to solving dilemmas at the same time that she  holds on to her love for Lou.  Maggie has emerged as popular a character in “Treachery” as my protag Lou.

This Q & A first appeared in Lil Berry’s blog: Forget About TV, Grab a Book, one of the stops on my November 2012 Book Tour organized by Innovative Online Book Tours. In it, Maggie reveals a dark side of herself that she is not proud of.  Click here to learn more about Maggie.

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